Drisha Summer Middle School Program
Use this form to apply to the Drisha Summer Middle School Program. In 2024, the program will run from July 2nd through July 21st. Join other girls from around the world for nearly three weeks of incredible Torah study, every form of campy fun, and wonderful relationships that will last a lifetime. Please note that this application is the first step in the process. You will also need to have an unrelated adult who knows you well (such as a teacher or religious leader) submit a recommendation form, and then you will complete an interview with the program director.

Applicant Information

In this section we will ask you for some basic information about you.
If you don't go by your full legal first name, please tell us what you prefer to be called, whether it's a shortened form of your first name, your middle name, Hebrew name, or something unrelated that just stuck!
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please attach a nice photo of yourself. This does not need to be a formal headshot, selfies are fine!
Please provide us with at least one phone number!
Please provide us with at least one phone number!

Parent/Guardian Information

In this section we will ask you for some basic information about the adults who are responsible for your wellbeing.

Parent or Guardian A

Parent or Guardian B

If you have only one parent or legal guardian, please use this section to provide information for a second trusted adult who can serve as an emergency contact.
e.g. Married, widow(er), divorced, etc.; we ask this to help understand your network of care and make sure that we communicate respectfully with everyone in our community

School Information

Let us know where you're going to school and when you're hoping to graduate!
Which grade will you have just completed when you join us this summer?


Please give the name and email addresses of an adult who is not your relative, but who knows you well. Typically, your teachers, rabbis, or religious school faculty and staff make the best recommenders.

Written Responses

List all elementary and middle schools attended including supplementary schools of Jewish studies. For each, please list the school, location, and years attended.
List major extracurricular or communal activities in which you participate with special attention to Jewish-related activities.
Please describe any special circumstances, conditions or information that should be taken in to account in considering your application.
Please write 1-4 sentences; if you don't have any experience with Talmud, that's perfectly alright! Just let us know, here.
Help us get to know you a bit. Just a few sentences!